The Waiting Game

The waiting game before baby arrives

The waiting game before baby arrivesAs I’m nearing the end of my fairly uneventful (knock on wood!!) pregnancy we are now playing the waiting game. I’m considered full term (wooohooooo!) this weekend and so our little guy could make his appearance any time in the next days or weeks. For me the uncertainty is driving me just a tiny bit insane although of course I do feel that baby knows best and he’ll pick his birthday when he’s ready to continue growing outside of me.

This past week we’ve finally completed his nursery. After having false labor way too early back in May and worrying that our son could arrive sooner rather than later (which he hasn’t – yay!) I got really antsy to finish baby-related stuff. You can imagine how happy I was when after a manufacturer’s delay the comfy glider chair was finally ready for us to pick-up. Phew!

LIttle Castle Sera glider finally arrived!

All of baby’s clothes, bibs, blankets, burp clothes, sleep sacks, swaddle blankets, carriers, diapers, changing pad covers and whatever other random baby gear has been washed. You’re picking up on what I’m putting down here? There is a ton of baby stuff in our house now and that even with us trying to be somewhat minimalistic about the baby item explosion everywhere. I suppose that is just something we’ll have to learn to accept as we transition into parenthood: Our house will be our son’s house just as much as ours. So it won’t just be husband’s golf putter, Alfi-Dog’s tennis balls or whatever book I’m reading that create tripping hazards. From baby swing to play mat to bottles to toys, I’m just a tiny bit anxious about all that stuff and the little space we have in our home but I am making peace with it.

Moving along in the preparations, we’ve installed the car seat base in my car, packed our hospital bags (with probably way too much…), finished all our birth and parenting classes (I was only half joking when I said that birth class was one of our few hobbies these days…), had a wonderful baby shower, and finished reading almost all of the pregnancy and birth books I ever wanted to read (and then some).

So ya, we’re just waiting here for things to get started. It is super surreal to think we could have a baby in as quickly as one or two days (or 4 weeks). Probably not something that will feel real until a few days after his arrival. In any case, we’re as ready as we’ll ever be for this new adventure and are so very excited to meet our little guy!


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  1. We’re really excited for you, too!

    It’s an incessant battle against having too much stuff for a baby, remember that you’ll figure it out and likely end up not using half the items one has such as was the case for us. They need mostly just time, energy, and attention.

    It’s endless prep, rejoice for it is soon over!

  2. I am so excited for you and I’m sure you will ease into the new “job” no problem 🙂 looks like you’re certainly ready. Here’s to an easy delivery and a healthy baby plus happy mom and dad! *hugs*

  3. The waiting game must be difficult, esp. knowing that things will change 180 when the little man arrives 🙂 But I am so excited for you and can’t wait to follow along on your new adventures as parents!

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