Oh bloody hell. My wisdom teeth are growing again and my gums are pretty sore and the bloody pain of the teeth cutting through the gums is pretty bad. It actually goes up and down my head and reallllly bugs me. Ahhh! Might pop in an advil seeing that they’re so pretty anyways (the liquigels anyways). I’m of course scared that it might be that black thing that I suspect is caries but shouldn’t that constantly hurt? It also feels more like the pain is in my gums than in my tooth. Owww!
The stomach is also kind of upset, rumbles a bit too much for my taste. Hopefully that’s better soon, too though. My dinner was a choice of either pasta with tomato and bellpepper sauce or some curry like tikka masala, bhalti curry etc. I figured pasta would be less spicey but wow, that sauce was hot!
Stressful day at work but I still got out at 5:30pm so that was alright. Can’t wait for the long weekend ahead though as I’ll be in London! Yay! My first time ever there! Well, I have been to Heathrow and Gatwick and on the road between the two airports but never to the city. I’m really excited! πŸ™‚

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  1. hey sweetie, have a good time in london and numb the pain away with painkillers to be able to enjoy london.
    well, if it’s caries and your gums bothering you the most it might be an infection at your gums, huh? when you in germany you should maybe see a doc because of that.

  2. Oh poor you! *Feel better soon*! If it’s getting too bad and you can’t wait until you’re back in Germany, go see a dentist in Ireland though. Here in Sweden we have to pay it by ourselves too (and it hurts!!!), but the invested amount might be worth it in case you’re developing an infection in you gums! Fingers crossed that you’ll have a painfree, fantastic time in London!

  3. I can remember quite a few times when the pain grew really strong while they were “moving” (I think they’re not growing, that’d be a reasonable thing – I think their just bugging us, nothing else.). Strong enough to make you mad/furious/cry – pick your favourite πŸ˜‰ Hope you’ll get better soon, should be over soon, else you should see a doctor, at least to have a look if everything is OK. Have fun in London – and “Mind the gap” πŸ˜‰

  4. so sorry about your toothache… i hope you’ll be able to see someone about that [maybe it’s really just the f***ing wisdom teeth.]
    have a great weekend in london!

  5. Haven’t catch up on your blog for a while. Shame on me, but I am so busy lately….you are theeting. *hihi* Me too. Damn wisdom teeth. Mine are half way out and it seems I need to remove them pretty soon. I hope you get better soon. Greetz

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