Had a dream about one of the exes last night. He was really sweaty for some reason (hmm might come from watching that Sex and the City episode where Harry’s sweat drops onto Charlotte’s divorce contract). Funny how they sneak into your dreams every once in a while. I guess they just leave footprints and become part of who you are at present.

In other news, am super busy at work at the moment so all Rich and I did last night was drink some wine at home while eating super hot red thai curry. Not buying that sauce again. 😀

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  1. haha!! yeah i have the weirdest dreams sometimes too. i wont even go into that cause youll think i have problems.. though.. you probably think so already. wtf am i saying? BYE! 😉

    p.s. enjoy the weekend

  2. lol! anything else to say, I got it hehe ( I just watched that chapter you are linking to! hihihi )

    I always say that you can’t forget a guy you have been with… and I also say that “where fire took place, ashes remain ”


  3. Is there a way to dream any weirder? (despite some sick nitemares) Dreaming of Mr./Ms. X once in a while most likely ends with waking up totally confused and disorientated, doesn’t it? That implementation of certain aspects is definetely right, sometimes I tend to think it’s a lovely fact other times it feels a bit awkward. But that’s what love was and always will be about, right?


  4. yeah it’s kind of funny how things we experienced or just watched influence our dreams. and sometimes people come back to your dreams you aren’t in touch with anymore.;-) hope you had a nice weekend, sweets.

  5. Sandra!! verfolge deine abenteuer!! in 2 wochen gehts bei mir los…dann melde ich mich mit news! ich wünsch dir viel spaß auf der grünen Insel…habe an st patricks day gedacht, Franzi 🙂

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