Rainy Dublin

Well, after sunshine there comes rain. Bloody rainy and windy this morning so I felt like I had done a workout instead of just walking to work. Wrestling with my umbrella and jumping puddles. Oh joyful joy. Fecking weather… Hmpf!
Next time – waterproof mascara.
Some time in the future – get a car.

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  1. Wow, someone sounds pretty pissed today 😉 I understand… we had some rain too last night… but the sun just came out. Should I send some?? 😉

  2. Well, you definitely have the Irish English going on now 😉 Weather here isn’t too bright either- fog is all I can see. Big hugs from Luxembourg.

  3. Well what should I say…living in rainy, rainy Oregon isn’t fun either and you could get pretty depressiv after a while. But after the rain comes the sun…so there’s hope. 😉

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