Suitcase Issue Solved

Oh yay good news, my company is paying for a second suitcase. I’m really glad I asked about that now!

Thanks for your sweet comments girls! Very helpful. Not sure if I can take time off after Ireland but most likely I will have time off filled with applying for a job. We will see.

I had a super nice Sunday. I had invited my friends from high school for brunch and we ate and chatted and laughed for hours. So much fun and I still had 2 WW points left at the end of the day – yay Flex Points! Of course I had overdone the shopping again (never go shopping when you’re hungry…) but everyone really enjoyed the brunch and Marc said he’d even give me 10 points at the Perfect Dinner. Haha. Juliane actually brought me some Guiness beer and other Irish themed things so I’m gonna try that brew maybe tonight.

Good luck to Elly for her 6 months in Peking!! Honey you are going to have a fabulous time!! My sister also has her au-pair interview today so good luck to her too!

Alrighty, back upstairs to the diploma thesis. I finished the literature so now I have to write something really smart out of it. Yikes!

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blog usage

I might or might not use this blog to replace my xanga blog eventually. I really like the sidebars that wordpress has but I almost think that xanga is easier to customize (at least colorwise). Also, is there some sort of import function for all my old xanga entries?!
Until now I shall use wordpress for my new bento blog. Yum!
Thanks for stopping by!

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