I am no where near an addiction to myspace or surf around it all the time but sometimes it’s really cool! I just found my old host-brother and host-sister from my year in NJ 1998/1999. Couldn’t get in touch with them anymore because they had moved from the address that I had. I can’t believe how old they are now! My bro was 7 when I lived with them and now he’s 16!!! That’s how old I was when I lived with them for cripes sake! The sis is 14 now – wow!! When we shared a room she was 5!! So they are teenagers now, the boy is going to high school and I’m sure they’re all cOoL anD DaT! 😉
Seems like they never aged to me, as they’re still these small kids in my head, all sweet, and now the girl is wearing sun glasses and is showing of her body! Well, long time no see I guess! 🙂
So thanks myspace!

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  1. Hehe same happened to me! I found the girl I took care of as an au pair. Now she’s 16 and could soon be the one taking care of my kids! It still seems like my time in Cali was yesterday though!

    This summer we’re already having our 10 year Erasmus reunion in Gothenburg!! It’s just so crazy how time flies!

  2. Ja, das liebe Internet macht so manches moeglich. Bzw Myspace 🙂 Freut mich, dass Du Deine ehemaligen Hostgeschwister gefunden hast! 🙂 Waere Myspace nicht, wuerde ich jetzt nicht in Alabama leben 😉
    Liebe Gruesse, Alex 🙂

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