Life Abroad

GermanyLI was born and raised in a tiny village in Germany and am still solely a German citizen. Living abroad gives you a special view of your home country from afar. What you’ve taken for granted all your life now all of a sudden seems bizarre and you also start appreciating the good of your home country. I can’t say I ever paid much attention to the traditional German Fachwerk fairytale architecture when I lived there. Now I think the timber framed houses are just darling!
Here are posts from when I lived in, traveled to, or thought of Good Ole’ Germany.

United-StatesLEventually, (after a lengthy and stressful visa journey…) I became a legal permanent resident of the United States. Still remember the day my green card finally arrived – hallelujah! Next step: citizenship.

I’ve been here so long now (11+ years combined) that I shouldn’t scratch my head at certain things in the U.S.. HOWEVER, the country is so diverse and extreme that I am still in awe about the good and bad from time to time. Occasionally I blog about traveling, life, and the perceived oddities in the USA from an expat’s point of view. Read USA related posts here!

IrelandLIn 2007, Beiersdorf, the awesome company I was interning with (Nivea or Eucerin anyone?) at the time, offered me a marketing internship with their Irish subsidiary. For four month I got to live and travel all over Ireland and documented their cultural quirks and my trips here.