I never thought I’d say this…

…but I miss my Irish ALDI store! We went to a local one yesterday and I was really sad to see no grapefruit segments, no couscous, no Indian sauces, and the store assistants wore super ugly uniforms! I guess ALDI in Santry just had more advanced items and not only basics (though they were still pretty basic). The one good thing about the local ones here are the lunchmeats and other bread toppings but oh well. The main difference might just be that I live in an ALDI Nord area and ALDI Ireland (and USA by the way) are both part of ALDI Süd.

PS: Interesting piece of trivia: Trader Joe’s actually belongs to the same owner as ALDI. Wow…

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  1. ALDI south is way better than the one we got up here, i agree. also, i actually knew that about the owner. the pistachios we get here are actually from trader joe’s… 🙂

  2. yep, i lived in the aldi süd area and i liked it much better 😉 by the way, i knew that about TJ’s as well… cool thing, huh?? 😉

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