Hey Mr. Weatherman…

… bring some good news, please!

Yuk, we got this nasty snow/rain mix coming down all day long. Let me tell ya, walking to work in sleet sucks! Big time! First of all, the sidewalk isn’t really the best to begin with with a couple of really muddy spots but add some rain and it becomes really horrible. Well, sidewalks generally come with a road and that road was really flooded in some parts. The water splashed up face high all over the sidewalk when busses rushed through the puddles. Yeah fun! Luckily I didn’t get hit much but it was hard to jump away all that time. Please let there be better weather soon!!! It’s just so nasty!
PS: The weather pixie is lieing!

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  1. same here… same here… and guess what? the winter tires are still in the trunk of and not ON the car *rollseyes* i’m ready for spring!!

  2. If I wouldn’t know better I’d think you came to Gothenburg, considering your entry from yesterday as well! Ok we have supernice weather right now… but I mean generally. So here comes some Swedish sunshine for you sweets!

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