Happy 10.000th Visitor!

Wow unbelievable, some time while I was cruising around Berlin on official business (aka getting my visa form completed) this little blog here had its 10000th visitor! Congrats anonymous person from Braunschweig who works at Kroschke. Surfing during work, huh? Well thanks everyone for always stopping by and reading my musings – I’m sure it’s not always fun πŸ˜‰

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  1. Interesting! I block access to my site from my former employer which has surely stopped corporate snooping. Many congratulations on your many readers of your infectuously warm and enthusiastic blog.

  2. hehe, ich weiss wer es war πŸ™‚
    kannst du die besucher so weit zurueck verfolgen? das ist ja gruselig!
    was machen deine vorbereitungen?

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