Oy it’s been a long week – the first 5 day week I’ve had in a while… You get so used to these 4 days or less weeks. Felt kind of light headed yesterday during the day so I contemplated staying at home today, would have been another 4 day week then ;-), but I felt a bit better this morning and since I’m a good girl I went to work (on time, too!).
After lunch we might go to this Billion Dollar Babes sample sale. Depends if my co-worker put me on her invite list on time as she was out yesterday. Not big into designer clothes (because I can’t afford them obviously and I’d rather have 5 nice, cheap tops than 1 nice designer top. But I fear they might have purses there, too. Well, we’ll see if I can go there at all anyways.
Thanks for all your sweet comments on my last post. šŸ™‚ I couldn’t do another internship there, already had that visa. The H1B work visas are all gone for this year (there were about 120.000 applications filed for 60.000 available visas in just the first two days!!) The category for people with higher degrees has filled its cap, too. Sounds like it’s time for the politicians to get their act together and agree on a higher cap – I mean come on, less than 2 days!! So yeah the only way I could go back really would be the frickin green card lottery. *sighs* Oh or I could chat up some desperate, ugly, mean, disgusting American guy and marry him. But uhm no thanks. Not that desperate! šŸ˜‰
Anyways, one of the days this weekend is going to be just for the diploma thesis (and laundry). Neeeeed to get that done!! The other day I’ll do something touristy. Still so many things to see and so little time left.

Ohhh, just got the confirmation that I got on the guest list so we’ll be heading to that crazy sample sale later on. Oh yeah, my life’s so posh ROFL šŸ˜‰
Have a good weekend peeps!

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  1. Don’t fear the purses, they’re your friends :). Enjoy the Billion Dollar Babes sample sale! And I’ll write my Congressman about the visa situation after I research the legalities and politics so I can write intelligently.

  2. OOoooOOoohhh another trendy girl going around? u are settling like a celebrity in Ireland!: the party with the TV characters, the fashion designers party as well… no way you rock! hehe

    Pity about the visa but keep applying if it is what you really wish! šŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend!

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