That’s right people, plural, not just singular. I was on a roll. A bit ago I was browsing Craigslist to look at cute dog ads. Never realized that Craigslist also has Men seek Women ads so I got curious and looked at some and my gosh creeeeeeeeeeaapy! But there was one that was so funny and had me laughing out loud that I thought why not write a short reply. So I did. We exchanged some funny, nonsensical emails, traded photos and decided to meet. Well, the thing was that he wanted to meet at a Starbucks half an hour away from the city center (a tad bit further out from where I used to live years ago). Ugh. so I trooped all the way to almost the suburbs and I was all worried if he’d at all show up and bla. I mean, blind date! I used to be so much better at them when I was like 17. šŸ˜‰
But he was there sitting at an outside table so I got myself (!!) a drink and we did some smalltalk for a while. Boooooooooooooooooooooring. Took me two attempts to even find vaguely what he does (still don’t know but he’s not a firefighter :(). My gosh it was sooo boring. So after 45 minutes and receiving a call from a guy I had met uptown the other night and who invited me to dinner I said GOTTA GO! He was just so awkward and dorky and had funky teeth. So ok lesson learned… Don’t ever bother with Craigslist etc!
I went to Target and bought some things for my party. Updated my girlfriends here about the date and that I was safe and not abducted by some weirdo.
Then I made my way back into town again and stopped half way at South Park to meet the other boy for a drink. Met that guy at some bar opening uptown and we email and he forgot my birthday so he promised me a big drink to make up for it (oh yeah I’m milking that birthday right). I finally found the restaurant and met him at the bar. Got a glass of wine and we ordered fooood and had a fun time talking and goofing around. My gosh, he really brought out my crazy silly side. Poor people around us… Haha. It was definitely nice and I had a fun time. Might be a bit of too much clowning around with the two of us but we will see. Definitely interesting. šŸ˜‰

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  1. haha very funny entry. that creepy blind date reminded me of a few blind dates that i had int he past, where i had to focus that i down have a big yawn into somebodies face;-)

  2. Oh my gosh! Let me tell you, blind dates at 38 aren’t any better…and the men boarder on being kind of psychotic! Think grocery store…I hear the cute ones shop for food!

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