OK so I don’t know what made me do this today but I googled “coupon lowes” because I was going to buy some plants there (Lowes is a home improvement store). Normally when you google anything with coupons you get to these weird sign up pages and loads of scary looking stuff. But today I came along this and they had a link that without hassles brought me to the Lowes website where I could print a 10$ off coupon that I totally just used. I also got a 10% off World Market foods coupon and I’m sure there’s so much more, I just had to leave work ;-). So yes, got my 10$ off coupon and bought some herbs to replace my turf herbs that looked dead (I guess they were dead…) and a plant for me and a plant for Yung and Axel whose house warming party is tomorrow.
Hope you’re all having a great weekend and hopefully the US based readers among you will get some good use out of that coupon site.

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