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You guys, I’m checking off a big item from my bucket list: designing my own calendar / planner / journal / agenda! And because it was way too much work to just sit on my desk I’m sharing it with all of you. Huzzah! Earlier this year I splurged on an Erin Condren planner, which I really liked, but there were just a few things that I wished it would have had to make it perfect for me. For instance, I didn’t want to have to add stickers every week to keep track of the same items. So I looked at plenty of planners online and none wowed me. I didn’t like the binding of the Happy Planner and was worried that I’d never keep up with a bullet journal and neither did I like not having all of the year readily available. Well, since my middle name is Frugal and I do marketing and design for a living I figured I would create my own. And so I did. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do and get good use out of it!

New Year’s Resolutions Tracker

Making resolutions is easy but writing them down makes committing and keeping them so much easier. I love striving for continuous personal improvement and so I’ve created six categories that you can choose to focus on next year: personal, physical, spiritual, financial, professional, and domestic goals. There’s plenty of space to draw your own trackers, doodle some inspirational images or whatever your heart desires.

Free year planner with new year's resolution tracker

2017 Lists

I love looking back at old planners and using them as sort of a hybrid planner and journal so it’ll be neat to jot down trips we’ll have gone on, books I’ve read, etc. Again, extra space to add what’s important to you, be it races you’ve run, baseball stadiums you’ve visited, Pokemon collected… Hey, whatever floats your boat.

Meal Planning

Something that’s really helped me avoid eating junk food this year is meal planning. I’m not a strict planner (hard to believe seeing I just created my own planner, I know….) but knowing what we’re planning on cooking or eating out does help. I usually shuffle meals around throughout the week depending on changing plans, baby’s nap times, eating all of the leftovers or just because I simply don’t feel like cooking that night. In any case, this planner has space for not only a weekly meal plan but also for a meal master list that’s split into categories like desert, veggies, crock pot, grilled, yada yada. I’m planning on using it to write down healthy go to meals as I make them to create a master meal list. Hopefully it’s going to make meal planning even easier with it as a reference list. I’m guessing this list will come in even handier if you are following a special diet.

Free printable annual planner with meal and cleaning planing

Home Disaster Avoidance Plan

Heck yeah! Something I want to be better about next year is keeping our home sparkling clean. I like calling it avoiding our home becoming a complete disaster, alas, the Home Disaster Avoidance Plan was born. It starts with a list of Beast Projects. Suckers that I’m dreading to tackle but are necessary. Like filing taxes. Bleh. For me, I’m also going to add organizing the freezer and sprucing up our front yard. Any larger home projects like repainting a room, building a deck, etc. would be perfect in the Beast Project category if you ask me.

Then, I added a list of areas in your home that you can pick from to tackle each month. There’s a spot in the monthly calendar view to jot it down so you have it in front of you all month long to declutter and deep-clean in one of those focus zones. Next we’ve got a handy check-list of handy items to have on hand and space for whatever else fits your lifestyle. I think we’ll use it to write down maintenance tasks like chimney sweeps, air filter and other oh so exciting things that come with home ownership.

Lastly, that page has a cleaning matrix that you can use to personalize your ideal cleaning routine if you so choose to. I’m hoping it’ll help us to add these cleaning tasks to the weekly to do lists instead of just thinking about them. Nothing like checking off a completed task! That’s about it for annual plans although I may design some additional themed pages later. Oh the beauty of making my own planner and making it look however the heck I want it to. 😀

Monthly Planner

The monthly calendar is pretty straight forward. It’s got days and numbers!! Yay? There is a page for plans and goals and plenty of space for notes though. Personally, I’d like to do something touristy every month, be it in our home town or further away. I’m also hoping to learn something new throughout the year so I’m making it a point to plan on doing that every month. You know how easy good intentions fly out the window, alas, I’m going to write stuff down next year.

Monthly view in the free printable Sannipanni planner

Weekly Planner

Squeal! I’m pretty stoked about the weekly spreads. The first page is again for goal keeping to help you be the best version of yourself. There’s a hydration and fruit and veggie tracker and then there is space to track exercise and crafting, playing or just being creative. I also left space to track additional daily habits you’d like to nurture, be it not eating candy, making your bed, taking your vitamin, writing in a journal, having a glass of red wine, walking the dog, …. Make it yours!

The planner’s got that meal planning list, a shopping list (just snap a photo before you head out), space for notes and doodles and a few journaling prompts. Boom!

Weekly view in the free Sannipanni annual planner

The actual planner portion of it is partitioned into three sections. I use the top portion as a space for that day’s happenings, birthdays, etc. To Do is a personal to do list and Boss Life is space to keep my consulting work schedule and to do list. If you don’t want to add professional or school stuff or for example Etsy shop happenings there, how about using it for your kids’ or pets’ schedules? After all you’re the boss! On that note, being boss can just mean kicking butt so use it for whatever area you want to kick butt in!

Download The Free 2017 Planner

Download the 2017 monthly, weekly planner here: 2017-sannipanni-printable-planner. You’ll want to right click on the link and save the file on your computer’s harddrive. Open it in Adobe Reader instead of your browser for better printing. Also choose printing on both sides to create nice spreads.

Multiple Formats

While I designed the planner in 8.5 x 11in US letter format, I’m actually printing it at half of that size on 8.5×5.5in paper. To do that or if you’re elsewhere in the world, simply use the “Shrink oversized pages” option to scale it down to A4 or A5.

Useful Supplies

Finding the right supplies to print the planner took a little bit so I’m going to share my findings with you in case you don’t want to shell out a ton of money to have the planner printed and bound at your local copy shop. The planner still looks neat in black and white so that may be a reasonably priced option if you don’t want to print it at home.

Please note, the duplication of this file or any of its parts is strictly prohibited. My planner is free for personal use only. If you’d like to share it, link to this post and not the actual file to make sure you always have access to the latest version of it. Thanks and I hope you’ll love this planner! Can’t wait to hear some of your feedback and suggestions for my 2018 planner! Show me your planner with hashtag #SannipanniPlanner

Amazing free printable planner! #bujo #lifeplanner #planner #filofax #calendar #journal







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Free Hydrate and Fruits Printable for My New Erin Condren Planner

Free printable to keep track of water, fruit and vegetable intake as well as read, craft & exercise tracker.

Ever since quitting my day job and doing freelance work I’ve been heavily using a paper planner to keep track of important dates, appointments and my to do list. There’s something so satisfying to draw that check mark with a pen after completing something. I admit I’ve on occasion added something to my to do list after getting it done just to document it. 😀

My beloved Day Designer planner ran from July to June and it’s been getting tough for me not to write down planned visits etc after July. Previously I had mostly used my planner for business but I’m thinking with our baby boy arriving this summer I’ll want some extra space for family notes. Pediatrician appointments anyone?! Not to mention the countless prenatal appointments and nesting to dos that are just getting to be more frequent.

Keeping track of good daily habits in my Erin Condren Plannter

The solution was the Erin Condren Life Planner. I had marveled at them in the past but with an electronic work calendar I had been hesitant about getting one. This month I finally did and I love it! If you’re in the market for one, here’s a $10 off referral promo code for you and me! Yay! What fun to choose and personalize your cover and pick out your favorite inside layout! I was super excited when it arrived, not gonna lie. #dork

Love my new planner! :D

Anyhow, one of the things I really like about the Erin Condren planner is all the space it gives me to plan not only my freelance work, the day in general and my personal to do list but also a spot where I can track my daily water and fruit/veggie intake. My goal is to eat five different fruits and vegetables a day and drink at least seven 12oz glasses. I’m also trying to make more time in my days for reading, crafting and exercising before the anticipated drowning in diapers, feedings, and up all nighters (ermagerrrrrrd!). To help me reach my goals I’ve designed these little tracker stickers that I thought you may also enjoy. I simply print them on regular paper, cut them on the gray lines with scissors and glue them in but you could also print them on a sheet of sticker paper. This set of hydration, fruit and vegetable tracker printables matches the Erin Condren June color scheme. Since there was some free space with the way the weeks fall I added a little rectangular watercolor sticker that I used to decorate the first day of summer. 🙂

Free hydration, fruit, vegetable, reading, crafting and exercising tracker

Free for personal use! Yay! Click the image to download!


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Easy, Fake Calligraphy for Our Wedding Invitations

Easy Envelope Calligraphy Address

Part of prepping for the wedding (less than four weeks!!! Yikes!) was to get the invitations out. I was being thrifty and used an online stationary company for the actual invitations but I wanted to jazz them up somehow – of course preferably low cost, high impact! Pretty envelope addressing to the rescue! Mind you I always had B- in penmanship (yup, you get grades for that in German elementary school) so this was a challenge – that luckily turned out being fun and looking chic!

The Tools

These are the pens I used. The Elegant Writer fake calligraphy felt pen came from Michaels and has a rectangular, flat tip. Target also has fairly inexpensive calligraphy pens. They come in various sizes so pick your favorite. Then you’ll need a gel pen or round tip felt pen. Obviously I seem to have a thing for my pilot so I used a black Pilot G-2 gel pen for the address.

Casual Calligraphy Writer's Pens

1. Practice

Next up you want to practice! If you google “calligraphy alphabet” you’ll find a boatload of inspiration for lettering. To keep it nice and easy I found that staying away from double lines helps – snorkles and the differing widths that the calligraphy pen automatically writes in should be pretty enough for the novice writer. I have found that both printing and scripting look really pretty and are EASY. So hopefully your generation still learned writing script in elementary school and you can access it somewhere in the back of your head. Best advice: practice, practice, practice and see what looks good to you and what doesn’t (–> the importance of ordering a few extra envelopes with your invitations). I also cut or folded lots of paper in the actual size of the envelopes to get a feel for the dimensions and size letters that work best.

As for the address, stay consistent and focus on every single letter and number you write. Yes, it will take ages. Yes, it will be worth it.

2. The Last Name

I started by writing the recipients’ last names diagonally on the envelope using the calligraphy felt pen. Short names I wrote bigger, long names were smaller in letter size. When I had guests with different last names I wrote both of them – smaller of course – on two different lines. I usually tried to connect some of their letters – say the line of a t to the tail of a p or the last names. Sometimes the ampersand worked as a great connector. If I hadn’t added any swirls as I initially drew the letters, I would try to carefully add some now. Be careful not to overdo that though – it can easily start to look really funny. Again, google particular letters or write out a name in a script or handwriting font on your computer for inspiration.

3. The Address

My envelopes were white, which gave me a chance to insert a piece of paper with black sharpie lines into them to use as guides. You can also draw lines with a pencil – I however was too lazy to do that and erase them all afterwards. Isn’t that such a pain especially when you can see where you erased?! So use a ruler, draw some black lines that will shine through your envelope on it and just move it from one envelope to the next.

How to address an envelope for wedding invitation

Write the guests’ names with proper salutations (unless they have really really long names). Take a look at the 3 in the second line. My normal handwritten 3 looks more like half of an 8. Yup, little effort, big difference though.

Elegant address script

Try to keep the line length consistent. Yeah sounds easy, it’s harder in person. I’ve used a separate notebook to spell out the address and see how far I have to stretch the letters to make it work. If you have the chance, write out the state. If there’s a long town name, abbreviate the state.

Finally, the zip code! To get that nice and neat look, start with the first and last digit and place them at the front and end of the block. Then add the middle digit to the center of the line and the missing two in the center of the gaps. Lastly I added little dots that looked like tiny squares between the numbers thanks to the awesome fake calligraphy felt pen.


Boom goes the dynamite, you’ve got yourself some kick-ass wedding invitation envelopes! If I can do it, so can you!

Easy way to beautifully address envelopes


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Super Creative Bridal Shower

Awesome Bridal Shower

One of the American wedding traditions that we don’t have back home is a bridal shower. And then there are also  showers for expecting moms (baby showers). The original concept was to shower the (young) bride with gifts so she is ready for her own household. Granted we’re already living together so the gifts aspect was really secondary for me but I’ve always enjoyed the social aspects of showers. So I was a little on the fence as to whether or not I wanted to have one but the whole “you only have one chance in your life to have one (hopefully)” concept prevailed. My awesome U.S. based bridesmaids really hit the nail on the head in terms of how to throw the perfect bridal shower.

The girls really outdid themselves with super cute self-made decoration including tissue paper pendants, accordion photo displays, a decorated bridal chair, chalkboard calligraphy, arranged flower bouquets and then some. They had also set up stations to sign a champagne bottle where guests could leave us sweet notes for our first anniversary and with notecards for marriage advice.

Bridal Shower food and deco

The food and beverage were excellent with mimosas, infused waters, salad with bacon vinaigrette, fresh fruit, kebobs, quiche and home-made cupcakes. DELICIOUS!

We played a fun game where the ladies had to do a dare or answer questions about the bride or the bride and groom. And then as a take home party favor my bridesmaids had put together this awesome make-your-own tea bar! They had loose Ceylon, Green and Earl Grey teas as bases and then you would mix your flavor additions like orange peel and chai spices in. How creative and perfect for this tea lover!

I’m sooo glad I had a bridal shower. It was so wonderful spending girly time with everyone and it was so festive and the girls’ creativity blew me away. I’m one lucky gal!

Tea Favors for Bridal Shower

Write on a bottle for anniversary


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